What can one offer to the seasoned traveler who has seen it all: The historic but formal and often rather staid 5-star-Grand Hotels, the oh-so-hip (but uncomfortable) designer hotels, the exotic hideaways that require 15-hour-journeys, and the uniform luxury hotel chains that look the same in any location around the world ?

And what to offer the traveler who is tired of paying close to $ 1.000 for a standard luxury hotel room, tired of needing a Ph.D. – degree in engineering to figure out how the lighting system works, tired of minibars where a Coca Cola costs $ 12 and a Mars bar $ 8, tired of having to pay $ 45 for a movie and $ 50 for a Continental breakfast consisting of mediocre coffee, pasteurized orange juice and stale croissants ? What about… some authentic? Something simple, yet perfectly executed? Something timeless, with a unique charm ?

Alexander Kraft, Chairman of Sotheby’s International Realty France – Monaco, is such a person who has seen it all – and still couldn’t’ find something that truly catered to his sense of timeless style, his quest for authenticity, unpretentious charm and honest quality. He decided to take matters into his own hands and create a unique Luxury Bed & Breakfast, combined with a charming restaurant and bar, in an unspoiled corner of Provence, close to his own country house.

Its mission: Creating a simple, unpretentious yet perfectly executed and comfortable bolt hole for connoisseurs in search of an authentic experience.

Welcome to La Maison Bleue.